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Numbers for Saturday, July 15 (so far!)

Friends, we are absolutely THRILLED with the response to our Fancy Pants Pleasure fundraiser for Carly Faber. 21 entries so far! With this many entries, our present plan is to SPLIT FANCY PANTS PLEASURE into 3 SEPARATE DIVISIONS, with 3 separate Champions and Reserves (!!!) divided as closely as possible by age, to keep it fun and safe for everyone! We’ll try to split along the same lines as Eq on the Flat, but will of course consider another split should additional entries warrant it, because we want as many as possible to enjoy taking part in the fundraiser.

Thank you all so much, and we’ll see you tomorrow! Reminder—BOTH rings will start at 7:30!

Whippoorwill Farm Numbers for Saturday, July 15:

Intro Jumper-4

Novice Jumper-2

Novice Child/Adult Jumper-3

Open Jumper-1

TB Jumper-1

Low Jumper-1

Schooling Jumper-1

Bottle of Sunshine-7

Baby Green Hunter-3

Green Pony Hunter-3

Pony Hunter-3

Pony Equitation-2

Fancy Pants Pleasure-21

Hunter Pleasure Horse-8

Equitation on the Flat-21

Working Hunter-4

Green Hunter-3

TB Hunter-5

Adult Amateur Hunter-3

Children’s Hunter-1

Children’s/Adult Equitation-4

Maiden Walk/Trot-4

Beginner Equitation-4


Assisted Walk & Trot-1

Student Hunter 2’-5

Intro Equitation-6

VHSA Short Stirrup Hunter-9

Long Stirrup Hunter-6

Hunter Pleasure Pony-4

Baby Green Pleasure-3


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